ser·vice [sur-vis] noun

  1. A helpful act.
  2. A useful labor that does not produce a tangible commodity. To provide (someone) with something that is needed.


Service is one major component of loving anybody. Service begets love as the sun begets warmth. Service and Love reciprocate one another; the performance of one will invariably beckon the other to follow. To serve an individual means that you provide more than you are compensated for providing. We serve our individuals when we listen to their needs; no matter how they choose to communicate them. We serve individuals when we desire only what is best for them, even if at the cost of our own convenience or agenda. Remember that those whom you serve today are far greater in number than the individuals before you. The vast effects of your service will reach infinity, if you will but serve one individual to the best of your ability today.

Our philosophy has always been that if you empower each individual by giving them good choices, ease them to the outer reaches of their comfortable boundaries, and expect them to succeed, you foster an environment that is conducive to aiding each individual beyond their own anticipated limits.

— Jeff Bryner,  founder and co-owner of August Sun