August Sun is a full service provider agency with a passion for the individual. We set ourselves apart from most others by our personalized approach to caring for the individuals whom we serve. In other words rather than placing an individual into our program, we work our program around the unique needs of each individual, ensuring that optimal personalized care is rendered to each according to his or her needs. We offer a variety of standard services including:

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  • ELS
  • MTP
  • RHS
  • RP2
  • RP3

In all of our services the individuals which we serve are provided with opportunities for varying social interactions, one on one personal time, activities such as reading books or watching a favorite show, fun outside and outside the home according to the desires and abilities of each individual, and friendly and compassionate interaction with our loving and empathetic staff. Our philosophy has always been that if you empower each individual by giving them good choices, ease them to the outer reaches of their comfortable boundaries, and expect them to succeed, you foster an environment that is conducive to aiding each individual beyond their own anticipated limits. Combining that with constantly trained staff members who are loving, empathetic, and serve with a consistent attitude of gratitude, we create a magnificent climate for our individuals, leaving them no alternative but to grow and succeed.